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Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts graduate, Alonso Villanueva has a very distinctive personality.

“My passion for food begins surrounded by family and friends in weekend gatherings. Food, booze and laughs have a way to connect people”

Born in Lima but with Amazonian ancestors, he travelled all around the country during his childhood along his parents. Years later due to his adventurous personality, he went abroad for work and pleasure.

“Every journey, every love interest, every broken heart, every person I met in the way taught me an ingredient, a flavor, a concept. My cooking has been shaped by every moment of my life."

His culinary career in Puerto Rico and US includes properties like Ritz Carlton, BLT Restaurants and Montage Deer Valley. Back in Lima, he organized pop up series including private dinners and food truck catering. Strong believer that restaurants should offer an experience and philosophy rather than just food, Alonso creates Tribu.

“Cooking is my passion, is how I express myself and share my story”

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